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Why Do You Play Video Games?

I love to play video games all kinds of games too: Playstation, Xbox video games, Playstation 2 video games, pc video games, action video games, kids action games, adventure video games, racing Mario video games, new video games, fighting video games, shooting video games, video fighting games, arcade video games, ps2 video games, video arcade games, war games, war video games, batman video games,… You get the idea. Do you think I play too much? Do you play too much? Should you be pursuing more “classical” education? Sex? Sports?

Why do you play video games? And how much do you play? Socrates said one should know oneself so one does not lead an inauthentic life (I.e… shallow and soul-draining), kind alike one is in charge of ones long term fate. Life after life enhances one “light” so one eventually becomes full of and only light and escapes any need to reincarnate. Just like in many video games, except you don’t have to kill so many monsters only the monsters in themselves.

So play till your heart’s content but don’t delude yourself you are making any karmic/soul progress. Perhaps your video gaming time is like an electronic vampire sucking your soul dry? Hard to face, but the trees outside are enjoying the wind and there is no breeze (or “what if” there is no breeze – NOW imagine THERE is NO WIND!)

Escape! Escape! There is a huge life waiting for you “out there”. The real video game is your life – live it, because. Once upon a time, near the end of time the “video game on earth – ENDED! You will want to meet your maker (the light potential you can become) and say you knew the secret of “the wind”.

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